Hear praise from my satisfied clients | Edgy ZEN Spa


“My experience with Jen was amazing. It was super relaxing and I felt it was beneficial for my posture and alignment. Afterwards, I was tingly with chills with a sense of calm. The process was quick which was great for my busy life.” -Brook Jay, Choreographer and Entertainer D.C. area

“I woke up pain free. Did I realize I was not pain free before? Not really, but over time I had come to accept it. Sore shoulders from stress, computer work, sleeping badly. Sore hips from child-bearing, sleeping, age. After just one of Jen’s Zero Balancing therapy sessions, I felt great, but did not expect to wake up PAIN FREE the next day. I was thrilled. It was a such a strange feeling to spring from my bed and move so easily without joint pain. Her studio is a peaceful oasis. I’ll be back!” -Rebecca Carr, head of operations at PBS Distribution

“Jen is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. No doubt her work is transformative in person and on a table, but the big wonderful surprise is it’s equally effective over the phone. Each session dropped me into a deep restorative place, providing that rested and replenished realignment that we are so often needing but don’t always find in our everyday lives. She offers an invitation and opportunity to tend to your wellbeing in a way that brings the spa to you! Treat yourself to a deeply nourishing experience.” –Tulasi


“I was having back issues and shoulder issues from car accident when I went to see Jennifer Fanning for a Zero Balancing session. Her space was so welcoming and warm. She explained the process in clear directions and started the session. When I say my toes curled, I mean my toes curled. It was ahh-mazing. My neck felt better than months of my physical therapy. Go see Jen, she’ll change your life.” –Kara Allan, CEO of Style

“I highly recommend Jennifer Fanning’s virtual bodywork.  I was skeptical at first, but after the first session I was a believer.  I felt so light and relaxed, I fell into a deep meditative sleep.  I felt so relaxed and restored after.  My body and soul needed this.  I highly recommend this spa and her virtual treatments.  Jen has a wealth of knowledge and is very professional too!” -Beth

“My name is Shannin I am an RN with my BSN. I have struggled with back pain and a flawed work comp system that has left me with chronic pain issues. About a year ago, I had my first Zero Balancing therapy session, and for the first time in three years, my back didn’t hurt quite as much. After I had abdominal surgery, I went back to see Jen for back pain and stomach pain. When I left my back was again improved and my stomach pain was completely gone. Every time I have a Zero Balancing session, I feel rejuvenated and I do not have the chronic aches and pains. They stay gone for awhile and I am able to function. This is not a massage, but something much better. Something that works and allows me to continue being a nurse, a wife, and a mom.” -Shannin Garcia Daniels

“Jennifer was masterful in her ability to bring the restoration and renewal I would get lying on a massage table through my mobile device. She’s so knowledgeable of the human body and is able to weave in her humor and personality into this unique style of massage session. It was extremely relaxing and I left our time together feeling the same light-hearted, expansive, blissed out hangover that one would get from an in-person session.” -Ravi


“Exquisite self-care is something we all need. I am guilty of denying myself but not this day. While visiting Washington, D.C., I realized what I needed was not going to be found in isolation, a gym or yoga studio. I was in need of more. After a quick search for hands-on healing, Reiki and more I settled on Jennifer Fanning’s offering. Wow!!! What a find! Jennifer was attentive and kind. Her workspace was the nurturing I needed. My session began so seamlessly and gentle. I’m so pleased to have experienced her healing touch. I remained relaxed and grounded for days to come. I highly recommend Zero Balancing and will be back again.” -Bernadette

“Jen has a such a positive and loving energy and a way of making you feel calm and safe enough to reveal your deepest fears and insecurities, which then allows you to confront them. Because of my work with Jen, I have learned to love myself and that has made me easier to love. I have learned that although I may have many goals and projects for my future, I am fabulous today and always have been. ” – Eva B.

“Jen treated me for several months while I was struggling with the long-term consequences of an abusive childhood and eating compulsions unrelated to any actual need for food (it was what was eating me; not the other way around). Jen uniquely understood and reached in me something that I could never have gotten from anyone else.” -Eileen F.

“I walked in hoping for relief from my headaches, my tense neck and shoulders, and the pain in my wrists. I got so much more than that. I’m happy to report that the pain in my wrists went away after our first session. My neck, shoulders, and jaw felt relaxed for days. I could feel myself walking with a feeling of lightness for days. This was by no means a traditional massage. I would compare it to a session of Reiki and acupressure combined. Jen took care of me from my head to my toes, literally. She even asked for more details when she read my intake form. I could tell she sincerely wanted to know how I was doing and what was going on in my life, most likely to see how it was affecting my body. The treatment felt very holistic and lovely. The tension and stress relieving effects have been long lasting, which is more than I can say for most massages or chiropractic work I’ve had done in the past. The pressure used throughout varied from light to medium to hard, depending on the area and the tension there. My energy and my body feel much more aligned. It was the kind of holistic work I had been craving. I really enjoyed working with Jen. She was professional, knowledgeable, and caring.” –Michelle Stevens

“Before my sessions with Jen, I suffered with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, which were limiting my ability to parent effectively, do my job with ease, and enjoy life more fully. My sessions with Jen are intensely calming sometimes and vigorously energizing other times. She always knows what needs to be addressed that day and cares deeply for those around her.” -Nicole C.

“When I started working with Jen, I was in a job situation that was extremely stressful with a boss that was unpredictable and demanding. All of this left me feeling frustrated and even questioning my value as an employee, and I needed to find a way to work through all of those feelings and the accompanying physical symptoms. During my sessions we addressed the underlying causes for my reactions to the situation I was in at the time through both coaching and acupuncture. I came out of my time spent with Jen feeling more confident in my abilities as well as enabled to manage the stress in my life. In addition, I was better able to separate the stress of my boss from the rest of my life and self-confidence.” -A.