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Jen Fanning
Owner of EdgyZen Spa

“I speak to audiences about the necessity of Bodywork in America.” 

Bodywork is for everyone. Not just the wealthy. Not just the few. Bodywork for the masses. This is the surprising and simple key to resolving so many of the social ills that America is facing today.

Jennifer Fanning is committed to shifting the perspective on bodywork in America to no longer be seen as a luxury, but a necessity for the health of individuals and society. She advocates for regular bodywork, not just once a year to celebrate a milestone or when you have a gift certificate, but as part of a comprehensive wellness plan that incorporates mind, body, and energy healing modalities. With passionate, often hilarious storytelling and courageous truth-telling of her journey from drug addiction and living on the streets to now running a preeminent health and healing spa in the Washington DC area, Jennifer helps audiences recognize the uncompromisable importance of having regular bodywork in their lives.

There is a health and wellness crisis in our Western culture and it devalues the importance of touch and touch therapies. I want to expand longevity in our communities by teaching others the benefits of touch therapies and provide this therapy to those that wish to receive it. My knowledge and background in Chinese medicine, acupressure, energy healing, body movement, dance, and meditation provide me with a unique perspective on the healing properties that touch can bring to communities around the world.

Why Do I Do This?
I believe our body has been on the back burner long enough. We have ignored our needs and placed others before us. The airlines say to put your oxygen mask on first; this is something WE have to be told to do as women.

If you don’t have time to care for yourself, come see me at Edgy Zen Spa.

Your kids, parents, husband, wife, and work take up most of your days and to be your best, it’s time to get back to basics and prioritize some “ME TIME.” I guarantee you will be a better person for others and yourself. Let me make you my #1 priority so you can feel your best.

Speaking Topics & Titles:

– Touch Yourself More for Health, Wealth and All You Desire

– Touch and Manifesting 101: An Intro to Skin and Energy 

– Getting to Know Your Meridians Through Touch 

– Awaken Your Senses

– Prescription for America: The importance of energy healing in America’s healthcare system
– From Crack to Kale: A personal journey from the streets to the spa
– Energy as the Currency of Life: How are you investing, saving, and spending your internal wealth?
– Energetic Life Hacks for Entrepreneurs, Change-Makers, and Activists: Bodywork as a social justice tool

Additional Offerings:
– Talk + Workshop (40-min, 60-min, or 90-min in length)
– Talk + Energy & Bodywork Services at conferences and events

Past Speaking Engagements


Sivananda Ashram’s
– Val Morin, Canada
– Bahamas
– Woodburn, NY


Naropa Institute
– Boulder, Colorado


– Big Sur, California


Edgy ZEN Spa Monthly Events
– Alexandria, VA


Soul Lightning International
– Madison, Wisconsin


The Wake Up Global Summit
– April 2018


WomanSpeak Festival 2018
– Sedona, Arizona

Testimonials / Praise


“Jennifer’s dynamic and poignant talk struck many chords of truth about health care and the manipulative role of Big Pharma in our culture. The #bodywork revolution she is trailblazing—reversing our knee-jerk addiction to pills and reintroducing the healing power of regular bodywork—is desperately needed. She makes an irrefutable case with a wide variety of testimonials as well as fascinating data and stories, including her adventures when providing effective and sought-after acupuncture treatment to prison inmates. I look forward to attending more events where she is speaking. She has a wealth of knowledge and her life experiences have much to teach us.” – Loraine Van Tuyl, Ph.D., the Sacred Healing Well

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