Imagine how good you can feel in your body and in your business.

Abundance Accelerator:

A 6-Month VIP Program for your Business and Body

Brooke Jay – CEO at Brooke Jay
“My experience with Jen was amazing, …great for my busy life.”

Are you ready to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your day so you can continue to do your important work?

Are you a high-level leader or a supermom who is experiencing overwhelm and stress in your world-changing role?

Do you desire more wealth, abundance and freedom?

Do you desire more stamina in your body, mind, and spirit so you can return to your personal and professional lives with vibrancy and resilience?

You started your career because you wanted to make a difference, then the hustle and bustle of the job got in the way and you don’t feel like you anymore…
Lacking in radiance and magnetism.
Always having to be on.
Wanting to book more discovery calls.
Not enough time for family.
Too tired for friends.
Overworked, overstressed.

And now you’re ready for more. More energy, more clients, more money, more freedom, more time and for sure, more pleasure! And maybe your self care and/or family time have taken a backseat to your business.

Enter your 6-Month VIP Program.

It’s time to restore, rebalance, and vanquish overwhelm or imposter syndrome as well as physical aches and pains and mental stress so you can have an even deeper impact on the world.

Rebecca Carr – Head of Operations at PBS Distribution
“I had a session and was so happy with the results! I woke the next morning without the usual pain. The atmosphere is very calming. “

Jen Fanning on Beach

I’m Jen Fanning, owner of Edgy ZEN Spa, a high-end boutique spa and retreat center that provides healing, balance, and relaxation to some of the top movers, shakers, and celebrities in the world.

I’ve done everything from teach yoga at the Library of Congress to work on tour with celebrities like George Clinton, Prince, Macy Gray and more. For more than 30 years, I’ve been practicing the art and science of health and wellness. Now, I work with guests around the world, activating and aligning their energy to live their best life in the boardroom, the bedroom and beyond.

Andrea Anderson – IT Ops Manager
“Edgy ZEN Spa is amazing!!!  Both women and men will feel welcome. Treat yourself to the opportunity to effortlessly invite more meaning into your life. Open yourself up to receive the benefits of what she has to offer.”

The secret is to recharge BEFORE your battery is empty…

Experience being treated like royalty. I invite you to consider how weekly massage would improve your life in these areas:

– Clear any internal blocks to wealth and abundance

– Up-level your life

– Experience more restful sleep

– Increase your vitality

– Have more bandwidth for your professional and personal life

When you increase your energy, enhance your intimacy and experience more restful sleep, feel how having more clarity in your day to day has your state of mind in your professional and personal life.
Improving your accomplishments and increasing your self-worth. Strengthen your immune system and avoid the seasonal yuckies. Be more flexible releasing the aches and pains. With greater ease in your body, your hormones are free to function properly and be more in balance, something many professional and entrepreneurial women struggle with.

Benefits for you include:

– Get more done in less time because your mind is clear and your ability to focus is better.

– Have a more even temperament with the ability to move through emotional triggers with ease.

– Handle the stress and strain of your career with more grace and distinction.

– Enhance relationships , have more success and boost confidence in business and in life.
Regular weekly sessions provide for a deep sense of rejuvenation in your mind, body, and spirit.

LESS is more.

Jen’s work has been shown to affect the autonomic nervous system in a way that allows your body to release tension, aches, and pains so you can feel vibrant, have more vitality and heal more quickly. It’s feng shui for your body and your business!

If you are ready to live your best life yet…

And you desire to experience your day-to-day, your weeks and months with more pleasure…then this special offering is for you.

Abundance Accelerator:
A 6-Month VIP Program for Your Business and Body

The VIP 6-Month Abundance Accelerator Program includes:

We open the energetic container with:

One (1) 90-minute signature Dream Life Mapping and Visioning Session 

    • This is a one-time conference call to dig deep, unearth and get clear on what’s possible for your Life and Biz. To get the energetic juices flowing, we review all areas of your life using my health wheel tool. We explore where you are and where you desire to go – community, work and finances, relationships, health, travel, spirit, magic and more!
    • This establishes the foundation so I can support, assist, & guide you and your ENERGIES to create, hold and live the epic life of your dreams. Yes THE BIG dream life – the secret one you pine for! It actually IS possible to create it (however your mind – your sweet, silly, sexy mind wants to keep you safe) – so your dream life is unfolding way SLOWER than it needs to unfold.
    • We start here to energize nourish and feed your deepest desires – the possibilities and potential. Let’s get to Mapping that Dream Life vision – so it can propel you forward. You leave this session having the Ahh Meditation and Visualization tools to anchor into and energize you throughout the Program and beyond.
      Then, each month of your package, you will receive:

One (1) Monthly 90-minute Energy Assessment and Activation Session to clear internal blocks to wealth and abundance, and to maximize your capacity to have all that you dream of having.

    • In this session, receive powerful, nourishing body/energy/business healing and clearing while you relax, lay back and listen. This session is all about YOU!
    • You put you on your calendar and Rest, Renew, Rejuvenate, Revitalize – in service to your Dream Life Now in your body and your business.

Two (2) Monthly 45-minute Feng Shui for Body and Business sessions

    •  We design these sessions together on each call, to support you, to orient you and to call in your Qi and up level your vitality.
    • These custom designed sessions will support you in creating your legacy: your energetic imprint in each and every experience and interaction you have (it’s more than money honey).
    • Leaders, consultants, change makers, coaches, movement makers, and healers require more ease and order both internally and externally for optimum flow to occur. Your abundance and your dreams deepen with and depend on proper spatial flow, arrangement, and support which is naturally governed by universal laws and principals.

-The VIP 6-Month Program is designed to be done by phone.
-With prior arrangement,  + travel & lodging expenses, the monthly 90-min Energy Assessment and Activation Sessions can be arranged to be delivered in person.

VIP 6-Month Abundance Accelerator Program: Enroll Now!

>>Monthly payment plans are available. Please contact me directly to coordinate.<<

I design your treatments to best support your needs, week-to-week. Your healing care is my only focus.

Kinese – Yogi, Model and Dancer
“I went to Edgy ZEN Spa for a Zero Balancing massage. The customer service was excellent (5 stars). Jen goes above and beyond to make your experience enjoyable. If you are looking for a very intimate and personalized experience, this is for you. The cozy and private environment creates the perfect welcoming feel. It’s beautiful.”

Shannin Daniels – BSN, RN
“Edgy ZEN Spa is my little oasis. I have had back pain for quite a while and the first time I had a Zero Balancing session, I felt a difference. I had less pain without pain pills. Every time I have a session, I feel less and less pain. Jen’s holistic approach to pain and wellness is invaluable. I have been able to incorporate yoga, and the yoga classes are amazing! Acupressure was just as spectacular. I love it here.”

My commitment to healing the world.

I believe today more than ever we deserve and need to get bodywork regularly. I am on a mission to create more freedom in our bodies. I believe by releasing tension and enhancing energy, we can live a life we love.

When we are supported at the meridian and bone level, our deepest subtlest energy is nourished, helping us have a sense of calm, safety and spaciousness and an ability to respond instead of react. With enhanced energy, our body and mind have more options to think of new solutions to old challenges in our lives and in society. Each session has a direct impact on your mentally, physically and energetically and this opens up new possibilities, fresh ideas to our challenges.

Not sure if this is for you…yet?

Let’s connect to make sure we are a good fit.
Click here to contact me and set up a consult.

No risk, all reward.

I am confident that my 30+ years of helping people with their health goals will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed, and rejuvenated after every appointment. If for any reason you decide the Abundance Accelerator: A 6-Month VIP Program is not for you, you can cancel and simply be billed the retail rate for any treatments already received.

Your pleasure, excitement, and convenience are my top priority – not selling packages or memberships.

Barbarella Bishop – Manager Parliament Funkadelic
“Before Jen, I would end my day thinking about all the things I didn’t complete. I was spreading myself thin with trying to be there for everyone else that I didn’t have enough time for myself. I noticed after working with her I had fewer headaches, the load that I was previously feeling was not as heavy, and that I had more energy. I enjoyed Jen’s honesty, and the love she has shown in helping me lead a better life. I also love the passion she has when working with people.”

Abundance Accelerator:
A 6-Month VIP Program

Questions & Answers

How do I book appointments or reschedule?
The online scheduler reminds you when you have an appointment and should you need to reschedule, you may do so within 48 hours without being charged a reservation fee. The scheduler also lets you know how many sessions you have left so you don’t need to track this.

What if I have additional questions?
You can reach me by email at jen@jen4health.com.

Ready to experience more bliss?
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Edgy Zen Spa is recognized as the TOP Wellness Spa and virtual spa destination and is featured on the TOP Doctors Interviews which are seen on CNN Headline News, Oprah Winfrey Network, BRAVO, MSNBC and other networks.